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What's going on with the Ethereum #MEVboost? BTCS helps secure the #Ethereum blockchain by running validator nodes. For more details, visit our website at

Ethereum has over 206 million unique addresses, and the number continues to grow! #EthereumNetwork #cryptocurrency @VitalikButerin

$BTCS is proud to announce the appointment of an accomplished finance leader to the Board- a warm welcome to Melanie Pump. #blockchaintechnology #Cryptocurency #CryptoNews

$BTCS A special thank you to @NasdaqExchange for having us yesterday to ring the Closing Bell. It was a momentous occasion for our partners, shareholders, friends, and family.


Do not miss this! @NasdaqBTCS is streaming live at @NasdaqExchange to ring the closing bell! #blockchaintechnology #cryptocurrency

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